Game Of Thrones Staffel 4 Darsteller

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Game Of Thrones Staffel 4 Darsteller

Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 4 von Game Of Thrones: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. Die verschiedenen Darsteller des Night King bzw. Nachtkönigs in Game of Thrones waren: Richard Brake (in 2 Episoden von Staffel 4 bis 5). Emilia Clarke als Daenerys Targaryen (8/10).

Liste der Darsteller der Fernsehserie Game of Thrones

Seit Staffel 4 spielt ihn der 10 cm kleinere Isländer Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, der aktuell "Stärkste Mann der Welt", ohne den der Kampf zwischen. Entdecke die 10 Episoden aus Staffel 4 der Serie Game Of Thrones. Lena Headey. Rolle: Cersei Lannister. Die komplette Besetzung der Staffel 4. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 4 von Game Of Thrones: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren.

Game Of Thrones Staffel 4 Darsteller Davon haben Film- und Serienfans geträumt. Video

Game of Thrones Special Doku 2014 NEU in HD 720p

Bettina Zech. Mike Carl Staffel 5 Jochen Strodthoff Staffel 6. Daniel Pietzuch. Patrick Fitzsymons.
Game Of Thrones Staffel 4 Darsteller
Game Of Thrones Staffel 4 Darsteller Emilia Clarke als Daenerys Targaryen (8/10). Aidan Gillen als Petyr "Kleinfinger" Baelish (5/10). Peter Dinklage als Tyrion Lennister (8/10). Lena Headey als Cersei Lennister (9/10).
Game Of Thrones Staffel 4 Darsteller

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Im Leben von. Bayreuther Festspiele. Matze Knops Home Office. Echt jetzt. Exklusiv bei Sky: Talk und Unterhaltung. Dothraki Dancer Claire Wright Episode : 1.

Lancel Lannister Eugene Simon Episoden : 3 - 5 - 6 - Kevan Lannister Ian Gelder Episoden : 8 - 9 - Dosh Khaleen Crone Amira Ghazella Episode : 6.

Wine Merchant Simon Lowe Episode : 7. Drunk Man Paul Portelli Episode : 3. Armeca Sahara Knite Episode : 7. Gold Cloak Nikovich Sammut Episode : 3.

Riverlands Petitioner Niall Cusack Episode : 6. Gold Cloak Alan Paris Episode : 5. Knight of House Whent Kevin Keenan Episoden : 4 - 5.

Gendry Joe Dempsie Episoden : 4 - Schauspieler Graham Charles Episode : 7. Baker Edward Mercieca Episode : 9.

Stiv Stephen Don Episode : 6. King's Landing Page Seamus Kelly Episode : 3. Knight Harrenhall Ryan McKenna Episoden : 4 - 5. King's Landing Whore Emily Diamond Episoden : 3 - 5.

Hot Pie Ben Hawkey Episode : Knight of the Vale Paddy Rocks Episode : 6. Tobho Mott Andrew Wilde Episode : 4. Night Watchman Marcus Lamb Episode : 9.

Schauspieler Colin Carnegie Episode : 9. Older Knight of the Vale Barrington Cullen Episode : 6. Schauspieler Joffrey O'Brien Episode : 7. Lommy Greenhands Eros Vlahos Episode : Die hier gezeigten Angebote sind nur mit Wohnsitz in Deutschland verfügbar und bestellbar.

Bitte logge Dich ein. Bitte logge dich hier ein. MasterChef Im Leben von… Bayreuther Festspiele Matze Knops Home Office Echt jetzt.

Kategorie: Kategorie auswählen. Die Geschehnisse, Folge 7, Staffel 1. Alle Infos zu Staffel 1 Alles zu Game of Thrones. Noch kein Sky Kunde?

Jetzt bestes Entertainment zum Vorteilspreis sichern. Oberyn secretly seeks revenge against the Lannisters and Gregor Clegane for the rape and murder of his sister, Elia , wife of the unfaithful Prince Rhaegar Targaryen.

In the North, Styr and the cannibalistic Thenns reinforce Tormund , Ygritte and the other Wildlings.

Maester Aemon absolves Jon after he explains his actions while with the Wildlings and reveals that their army of , plans to attack Castle Black. In the Riverlands , the Hound and Arya head to the Eyrie where the Hound intends to ransom Arya to her Aunt Lysa, Jon Arryn's widow.

Along the way, Arya reclaims her sword, Needle, from Polliver, killing him. In Essos, Daenerys marches her army towards Meereen, the last of the three great slave cities; she fears she is losing control over her growing dragons, now horse-sized.

Roose Bolton returns to the Dreadfort with his bride, one of Walder Frey's daughters. He chastises Ramsay for torturing and castrating Theon , devaluing him as a hostage.

Theon, who has degenerated into a subservient persona called 'Reek', discloses that Bran and Rickon Stark are alive and threaten Roose's legitimacy as Warden of the North.

Roose orders Ramsay to reclaim the territories under Ironborn occupation, promising a reward if he succeeds. In Dragonstone, Melisandre sacrifices three people, including Stannis' brother-in-law, burning them to death as a tribute to the Lord of Light, delighting Queen Selyse and disgusting Ser Davos and Princess Shireen.

To protect Shae from his family, Tyrion arranges to send her to Pentos on Essos, leaving her distressed. Bronn coaches Jaime in left-handed swordplay.

King Joffrey and Margaery Tyrell are wed. During the Royal Wedding feast, Joffrey humiliates Tyrion and taunts Sansa just before Joffrey fatally succumbs to poisoned wine.

A distraught Cersei has Tyrion arrested for his murder, while Ser Dontos, a former knight, persuades Sansa to leave the feast with him for her protection.

Tywin grooms his young grandson Tommen to be the new king and enlists Oberyn and Mace Tyrell as his fellow judges for Tyrion's impending murder trial.

Tyrion chooses Jaime as his witness. Littlefinger , who hired Ser Dontos to retrieve Sansa, has him killed, then smuggles her out of King's Landing aboard his ship.

In the Riverlands, Arya and the Hound are offered hospitality by a peasant farmer and his daughter, whom the Hound soon robs, angering Arya.

To replenish Stannis' depleted forces, Davos wants to request a loan from the Iron Bank of Braavos to hire mercenaries called the "Golden Company".

At Castle Black, Sam fears for Gilly's safety and moves her and Little Sam to nearby Mole's Town. Meanwhile, the Wildlings continue to raid northern villages.

The Night's Watch learns that the mutineers are camped at Craster 's Keep. Jon proposes an attack on them to prevent them leaking Castle Black's defense weaknesses to Mance Rayder 's approaching army.

Daenerys arrives at Meereen and gives a rousing speech before the gates, offering the city's slaves their freedom. Michelle MacLaren. Daenerys easily captures Meereen, assisted by a slave revolt.

Seeking justice for slain slave children, she nails masters to the same road posts. At sea, Littlefinger reveals his complicity in Joffrey's death to Sansa.

Before leaving King's Landing, Olenna implies to Margaery that she poisoned Joffrey. She urges Margaery to marry Tommen before Cersei can turn him against her.

Jaime believes Tyrion is innocent, but Cersei is adamant he is guilty and also orders Jaime to locate and kill Sansa as an accomplice.

Jaime instead sends Brienne to find and protect Sansa, presenting her with new armor, his Valyrian sword, which she names Oath Keeper, horses and a squire, Podrick Payne , Tyrion's former servant.

In the North, hoping to eliminate Jon, Alliser Thorne and Janos Slynt agree to allow Jon to lead the expedition against the mutineers.

Unknown to Jon, the mutineers have captured Bran and his companions. Further north, a White Walker takes Craster's last newborn son to a secret ritual site where he is transformed into a Walker.

Tommen is crowned king; Cersei surprises Margery by encouraging her to marry Tommen. Tywin asks Oberyn to be a judge at Tyrion's trial and swears his innocence in Elia's rape and murder.

In the Vale, Littlefinger takes Sansa to the Eyrie where she is reunited with her aunt, Lysa Arryn , who pressures Littlefinger to marry her immediately.

It is revealed that Lysa and Littlefinger killed Jon Arryn and framed the Lannisters. Lyse plans for Sansa to marry her son, Robin , an emotionally immature prepubescent boy.

The Hound mocks Arya practicing her water dancing and disparages Syrios Forell's fighting style. Brienne learns that Podrick lacks practical squiring skills but is impressed he killed a Kingsguard to protect Tyrion.

Beyond the Wall, Jon's group find and defeat the mutineers. Unknown to Jon, Bran and his companions are captives there.

Locke attempts to kidnap Bran in the confusion, but Hodor, warged into by Bran, kills him and frees the others. In Meereen, after Jorah informs Daenerys that Astapor and Yunkai have reverted to slavery, she postpones invading Westeros to instead rule as queen until Slaver's Bay is truly free.

In Essos, Davos and Stannis meet with the Iron Bank to secure a loan for Stannis. Davos re-engages Salladhor Saan and his pirates. In Meereen, Daenerys adapts to her new role as queen, hearing her subjects' endless requests, including nobleman Hizdahr zo Loraq who wishes to reclaim his crucified father's body, and a peasant man whose goats were killed by Daenerys' increasingly uncontrollable dragons.

In the Dreadfort, Yara leads a mission to rescue Theon, who, emotionally broken, refuses to leave, forcing Yara to abandon him.

Ramsay rewards Theon's obedience and, planning to take Moat Cailin, tasks "Reek" to impersonate "Theon Greyjoy". In King's Landing, Tywin puts a bounty on the Hound's head and instructs Varys to continue spying on Daenerys.

Tyrion is tried for Joffrey's murder. All the witnesses testify against him, including Ser Meryn Trant , Grand Maester Pycelle , Cersei, and Varys, who give compelling, though circumstantial, testimony.

To Tyrion's shock, Shae falsely testifies against him. Tyrion proclaims his innocence and demands a trial by combat.

Cersei appoints Ser Gregor Clegane as her champion in Tyrion's upcoming trial by combat. Jaime and Bronn decline to fight Ser Gregor for Tyrion, but Oberyn accepts.

He seeks to avenge his sister, Elia's rape and murder by Ser Gregor during the rebellion. Daenerys takes Daario as her lover, then sends him to handle the resurgent slavers at Yunkai.

Melisandre and Selyse prepare to depart Dragonstone, intending to take Shireen with them. As the Wildlings approach Castle Black, Alliser Thorne rejects Jon's suggestion to seal the tunnel.

At an inn, Brienne and Podrick meet Hot Pie , who updates them about Arya. They resolve to travel to the Vale, deducing she would seek her living relatives there.

In the Vale, Lysa witnesses Littlefinger kissing Sansa. Enraged, she later threatens to throw Sansa through the Moon Door, a circular opening in the stone floor with a steep drop to rocks below; Littlefinger intervenes and shoves Lysa to her death.

The Wildlings attack Mole's Town. Ygritte discovers Gilly hiding and spares her and Little Sam. Ramsay forces Theon to negotiate with the Ironborn to surrender Moat Cailin.

The Ironborn agree, hoping to return home, but Ramsay flays and slaughters them. As a reward for securing Moat Cailin, Roose legitimizes Ramsay as a Bolton, making him his heir.

In the Vale, Sansa tells the council investigating Lysa's death her true identity and claims that Littlefinger is innocent of murdering her aunt.

While Littlefinger starts grooming Robin as the Lord of the Vale, the Hound and Arya arrive, only to leave upon learning of Lysa's death.

In King's Landing, the trial by combat begins. Oberyn gains the upper hand but momentarily relaxes his guard while demanding that Ser Gregor confess his crimes.

Near death, Ser Gregor trips Oberyn and crushes his skull while boasting that he raped and murdered Elia. Tywin sentences Tyrion to death. In Essos, Grey Worm and Missandei grow closer.

Barristan Selmy intercepts a long-delayed pardon from King Robert for Jorah as a reward for spying on Daenerys. She then exiles Jorah from Meereen as a result.

The Night's Watch prepares for the battle. Gilly and Little Sam escape Mole's Town and arrive at Castle Black, where Sam hides them.

Game of Thrones | Mi, | min. "Game of Thrones: You Win Or You Die". Die Autoren und die Darsteller der Serie geben einen Überblick über die Geschehnisse der siebten Episode von Staffel 1. Alle Infos zu Staffel 1. Alles zu Game of Thrones. Das nach Staffel 4 die Qualität der Drehbücher mehr und mehr abnahm hatte auch damit zu tun das man sich immer weiter von den Büchern entfernte und etliche Handlungsstränge und Figuren aus den Büchern für die TV-Serie nicht berücksichtigte. Geheime Schnäppchen auf Amazon entdecken: bei wissenswert!Folge uns auf Instagram: Staffel 4. Game of Thrones - Die komplette 4. Staffel. In dieser herausragenden vierten Staffel basierend auf George R.R. Martins Bestsellern bleibt die Herrschaft der Lennisters über den Eisernen Thron unberührt, aber ihr eigener Ehrgeiz, sowie die dauernden Angriffe von außen stellen eine ständige Bedrohung dar. Liste der Darsteller der Fernsehserie Game of Thrones. Zur Navigation springen Zur Suche 4–6 Thomas Amper (Staffel 1) Andreas Borcherding (ab Staffel 4). Dean-Charles Chapman und Callum Wharry bilder: hbo. Das liegt daran, dass der Schauspieler hinter dem ganzen Make-up zwischen Staffel 5 und Staffel 6 ausgetauscht wurde: Richard Brake wich Vladimir Furdik. Rise Of The King Graufreud jüngerer Bruder von Balon Graufreud; Onkel von Theon und Asha.
Game Of Thrones Staffel 4 Darsteller Doreah Roxanne McKee Episoden : 2 - 4 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9. David Benioff. True Detective. Henk Flemming. Leslie Vanessa Lill. Saturn Award. Andy Kellegher. Regisseur Delphi Lux Berlin Graves. Noch kein Sky Kunde? Dosh Khaleen Crone Amira Ghazella Episode : 6.

Bei Fullmetal Ewoks Stream Brotherhood (OT: Hagane no renkinjutsushi) handelt es sich um die zweite Adaption der Pepe Danquart Manga-Serie Game Of Thrones Staffel 4 Darsteller dem Jahr Nackte Deutsche Schauspielerinnen. - Trailer zum Start der 4. Staffel der Serie Game of Thrones?

Bolton Guard Anthony Boyle Episode : 6.

Game Of Thrones Staffel 4 Darsteller Drache!?, Ewoks Stream er Lucy gestehen soll, anders aus. - "Game of Thrones"-Staffel 4

Ed Skrein als Daario Naharis.
Game Of Thrones Staffel 4 Darsteller The fourth season of the fantasy drama television series Game of Thrones premiered in the United States on HBO on April 6, , and concluded on June 15, It was broadcast on Sunday at pm in the United States, consisting of 10 episodes, each running approximately 50–60 minutes. The season is adapted primarily from the second half of A Storm of Swords, . Jorah Mormont Iain Glen. Theon Greyjoy Alfie Allen. Petyr Baelish (“Littlefinger”) Aidan Gillen. Sandor Clegane (“The Hound”) Rory McCann. Samwell Tarly John Bradley. Renly Baratheon Gethin Anthony. Ros Esme Bianco. Jeor Mormont James Cosmo. Gendry Joe Dempsie. Gatiss, Mark (ab Staffel 4) Gatt, Joseph (Staffel 4) Gelder, Ian Glover, Julian Wyatt Gorman, Burn (Staffel 3 und 4) H Hanmore, Ian (Staffel 2) Hawkey, Ben Henwick, Jessica (ab Staffel 5) Hildebrand, Dan (Staffel 3) Hinds, Ciarán (ab Staffel 3) Hivju, Kristofer (Staffel 3 bis 5) I Ineson, Ralph (Staffel 2) Ingram, Kerry (ab Staffel 3) J Johnson, Wilko Jones, Finn.


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