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Susan Storm

Like Invisible Woman, Sue Storm, your primary power deals with light waves, allowing you to render yourself and others invisible! However, she can also project powerful fields of invisible energy which she uses for a variety of offensive and defensive effects! "Die Unsichtbare" Susan "Sue" Storm gewinnt ihre erstaunlichen Kräfte, als sie mit ihrem zukünftigen Ehemann Reed Richards, ihrem Bruder Jonny, Ben Grimm​. Sehen Sie sich das Profil von Susan Storm im größten Business-Netzwerk der Welt an. Im Profil von Susan Storm sind 3 Jobs angegeben. Auf LinkedIn können​.

Invisible Woman

Susan Storm Large (* Juni in Southborough, Massachusetts) ist eine US-amerikanische Singer-Songwriterin und Schauspielerin, die als eine der. Susan Storm, besser bekannt als Invisible Woman (im deutschen Die Unsichtbare), ist ein Mitglied. MARVEL Comics Sexy SUSAN STORM INVISIBLE WOMAN Original Art FANTASTIC FOUR TORCH. Beliebter Artikel 1 Mal pro Stunde aufgerufen.

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Evolution of Invisible Woman in movies and cartoons

Black Panther. Jackson Brown Jr. Sue accepts Richards' proposal of Sat1 Reportage at the end of the film.

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Tom Abisgold. Sam Fender. Facebook Instagram Twitter. About Contact Privacy Policy. When the Fantastic Four were battling Psycho-Man and Hate-Monger, the two managed to bring out Sue's dark side in the form of Malice.

Malice was Sue without moral restriction, free to use her powers in whatever way she wished. Naturally, the team managed to defeat Malice, allowing Sue to regain control of herself, but it wasn't the last time Malice reared their head.

They made a second appearance during Infinity War, Sue being forced to absorb her darker half back into her body.

This plays directly off of her time as Malice, name change coming directly after her defeat at the hands of her family. It's a great name change as a woman works far better for her character, especially when you consider she was never Peter Parker young in the comics, so it never made sense to call her a girl in the first place.

RELATED: Marvel: 10 Best Pieces of Fantastic Four Fan Art. It was more than just a name however, Susan's character really began to grow after the name change, becoming more mature.

It's a perfect fit as her team needs her to be the motherly leader, the one that can rope Reed in from his intellectual pursuits, and reel in Johnny's impulsiveness.

The image above is an apt depiction of Sue's role on the team in it's earlier run. She wasn't the strong maternal leader that she is now, nor was she anywhere close to being its soul.

Back then, she may as well have been called Princess Peach with how often she was a damsel in distress, one that always needed her husband or brother to save her.

It makes many of the older comics embarrassing to read as Dr. Doom and Namor all had such an infatuation with her that they were held back as characters themselves.

It isn't a shock for anyone who's watched the Josh Trank movie. The film wasn't particularly good, outright butchering one of the characters.

Beyond just the quality of the film however, there were many reports of Trank losing it on actors and stagehands alike. Invisible Woman was portrayed by Rebecca Staab in the unreleased film The Fantastic Four , Jessica Alba in the film Fantastic Four and its sequel Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer , and Kate Mara in the film Fantastic Four.

Since Stan Lee wanted The Fantastic Four to be driven by familial connections rather than action, the primary impetus for Susan Storm's creation was to not only be a full member of the team, but also the female lead with Reed Richards a.

Mister Fantastic being the male lead of the series. Lee did not want Sue to have super strength, "to be Wonder Woman and punch people", so eventually he came to invisibility , inspired by works such as Universal Pictures ' The Invisible Man.

It also noted that she could not turn visible again, and would wear a mask recreating her face when she wanted to be seen. Invisible Woman has primarily appeared in issues of Fantastic Four.

In issue 22 January , the creators expanded Sue's abilities, giving her the powers to render other objects and people invisible and create strong force fields and psionic blasts.

Under John Byrne 's authorship, Sue became more confident and assertive in her abilities, which became more versatile and impressive. She finds she can use her force field abilities to manipulate matter through the air, immobilize enemies, or administer long-range attacks.

Susan changed her nom de guerre to Invisible Woman. In April , Marvel Comics announced that it will publish Invisible Woman , a five-issue miniseries.

This will be Sue Storm's first solo title. Adam Hughes drew the cover for Issue 1. As detailed in The Marvel Saga: Official History of The Marvel Universe 16 , Susan Storm, and her younger brother, Jonathan grew up in the town of Glenville, Long Island , children of a physician named Franklin Storm and a woman named Mary.

The parents left their kids alone one night to travel to a dinner honoring Dr. On the way, a tire blew out but only Mary was injured.

Franklin escaped injury and insisted on operating on his wife. He was unable to save her and she died. After his wife's death, Dr. Franklin Storm became a gambler and a drunk, losing his medical practice, which led him to the accidental killing of a loan shark.

Franklin did not defend himself in court, because he still felt guilty over Mary's death. With their father in prison , Susan had to become a mother figure for her younger brother.

While living with her aunt, Susan, at the young age of 17, met her future husband , Reed Richards , a house guest who was attending college.

When she graduated from high school as the award-winning captain of her Girls' Varsity Swim Team , she moved to California to attend college, where she pursued an acting career and encountered Richards again.

They began to become romantically involved with each other. Reed Richards, working in the field of aerospace engineering , was designing a spacecraft for interstellar travel.

Everything was going well until the government stopped the funding of his project. Richards, wanting to see his project through, decided to make an unscheduled test flight.

Originally, it was only going to be Reed and his best friend, Ben Grimm , involved, but Susan was instrumental in persuading Reed in letting her brother and herself join them on the dangerous space mission.

In space, the quartet was exposed to massive amounts of cosmic radiation. As a result, they had to abort the mission and return to Earth.

After the crash landing, they realized that they gained superhuman powers; hers was the ability to become invisible at will. Realizing the potential use of their abilities, the four of them became the Fantastic Four, for the benefit of mankind.

As the Fantastic Four, the team set up their first headquarters in the Baxter Building in Manhattan. The Fantastic Four encounter many villains in the early part of their career, but none of them contend for Susan's affections more than Namor the Sub-Mariner.

Sue feels an amount of attraction to Namor, but her heart belongs with Reed, [9] a situation that has been called the Marvel Universe's first love triangle.

Initially, her powers are limited to making herself invisible. However, before long Sue discovers she can make other things invisible as well as create force fields of invisible energy.

Franklin makes amends with his children before returning to prison; however, the Super-Skrull finds a way to kidnap Dr. Storm, mimic his appearance, and then fight the Fantastic Four as the Invincible Man.

In the process of defeating the Super-Skrull, Dr. Storm sacrifices his own life to protect the Fantastic Four from a Skrull booby trap.

Reed and Sue's relationship progresses, with the two of them deciding to get married. The wedding is the event of the century, with several of New York City 's preeminent superheroes in attendance.

Johnny's girlfriend, the Inhuman elementalist Crystal , joins the team, taking over Susan's roster spot. Susan's cosmic ray irradiated blood cells serve as an obstacle for her in carrying the unborn child to term.

Knowing this, Reed, Johnny, and Ben journey into the Negative Zone to acquire the Cosmic Control Rod from Annihilus. Effectively utilizing the device, the baby is safely delivered and is named Franklin , in memory of Susan and Johnny's father.

Seeking to use the boy's talents for his own sadistic purposes, Annihilus triggers a premature full release of Franklin's latent abilities, which were already in the process of gradual emergence.

Fearing that his son could release enough psionic energy to eliminate all life on Earth, Reed shuts down Franklin's mind.

Angry with Reed for not seeking her input in the matter, Susan leaves the Fantastic Four and has a marital separation from Reed. With the help of Namor, Susan reconciles with Reed and returns to the Fantastic Four accompanied by Franklin.

Susan eventually becomes pregnant for a second time. However, this second child is stillborn due to Susan having been exposed to radiation inside the Negative Zone.

As Malice, Susan attacks her friends and family in the Fantastic Four, utilizing her abilities at power levels she had never displayed previously.

Reed saves Susan by forcing her to hate him legitimately. Susan is profoundly affected by the entire episode, and changes her code name from "Invisible Girl" to "Invisible Woman".

During the Infinity War , Susan faces off against Malice, who has reemerged in her subconscious. Susan absorbs Malice into her own consciousness.

Subsequently, Susan's personality is influenced by Malice, causing her to become more aggressive in battle, even creating invisible razor-like force fields she uses to slice enemies.

Her son Franklin, who has traveled forward and back in time, becomes the adult hero Psi-Lord , frees his mother, and absorbs the influence of Malice into himself.

He eventually defeats Malice by projecting her into the mind of the Dark Raider , an insane alternate universe counterpart of Reed Richards who later dies in the Negative Zone.

After the apparent death of Reed, Susan becomes a capable leader. Susan keeps searching for Reed, feeling he is still alive, despite romantic advances from her old flame, Namor the Sub-Mariner.

The Fantastic Four eventually rescue the time-displaced Reed, who finds himself temporarily losing confidence in his leadership skills, since Susan is also a capable leader.

Following their return to their Earth of origin, the Fantastic Four encounter Valeria von Doom. This new Marvel Girl came from an alternate future, where she was the child of Susan and Doctor Doom.

Susan eventually comes to accept the young girl as a friend. During a conflict with Abraxas , Franklin reveals that he used his abilities to save Susan's original stillborn child and place it in another alternate future.

After the ordeal involving Abraxas, Marvel Girl is restored to a baby again inside Susan's womb. Susan again has a difficult birthing. Due to the help of Doctor Doom, Susan gives birth to a healthy baby girl, which Doom names Valeria, his price for helping Sue.

Doom places a spell on the baby, which makes her his familiar spirit , to be used against the Fantastic Four.

The Fantastic Four wrestle Valeria free from Doom's control and defeat him. Zius, leader of a group of Galactus refugees , kidnaps Susan.

His intent was to use her powers to hide planets from Galactus. Reed finds a way to fool Zius, by switching Susan and Johnny's powers.

Susan assists in an adventure where Johnny becomes a herald of Galactus. Wielding a cosmic version of her powers, Johnny is able to see through people to the very cores of their personality.

Both Sue and Johnny gain a newfound respect for each other and how they deal with their powers. Soon, Reed tries to switch the powers back.

The entire FF's powers are granted to four random civilians before being restored to their rightful wielders. This parallels an earlier torture by Doom, where Sue was given an extremely painful version of Johnny's pyrokinetic ability.

During the —07 storyline " Civil War ", which takes place in the aftermath of an explosion in a residential neighborhood in Stamford, Connecticut , and prompting calls for the government to register people with superhuman abilities, Sue's brother Johnny is beaten up by locals angered by his celebrity superhero status.

Although Sue is initially part of the pro-registration side supporting the Superhuman Registration Act , she defects after the Thor clone, created by her husband Mister Fantastic and Tony Stark , kills Bill Foster.

The Invisible Woman (Susan "Sue" Storm Richards) is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel character is a founding member of the Fantastic Four and was the first female superhero created by Marvel during the Silver Age of Comic Books. View the profiles of professionals named "Susan Storm" on LinkedIn. There are 60+ professionals named "Susan Storm", who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities. The oldest child of renowned scientist Dr. Franklin Storm, Sue Storm inherited her father's genius. From early childhood, she was one of the prodigies studying and working at the Baxter Building, a midtown Manhattan government research lab. Following her father into physics, at age eight she built a sugar-powered rocket and accidentally destroyed her father's car, after which she changed her focus to "inner space" biology. View phone numbers, addresses, public records, background check reports and possible arrest records for Susan Storm in Ohio (OH). Whitepages people search is the most trusted directory. Background Checks. Sue was the first child of Franklin and Mary Storm, then followed by her younger bother Johnny. Franklin was seen as one of the greatest surgeon currently operating in the United States. While the family seemed very happy from the outside, Franklin and Mary often fought and ignored their children, something that made Sue feeling invisible. Jessica Marie Alba was born on April 28,in Pomona, CA, to Catherine Jensen and Mark David Alba, who served in the US Air Force. Alternate versions of Avengers A-Force A-Next Agents of Atlas Avengers A. Solomon Star. This Monster! Black Magic Boys' Ranch Anime Serien Deutsch 3-D Captain Glory Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers Destroyer Duck The Double Life of Private Strong Fighting American The Fly Headline Comics For The American Boy Jack Kirby's Galactic Bounty Hunters Justice Traps the Guilty The Kirbyverse My Date Comics Our Fighting Forces Secret City Saga Silver Star Sky Masters Street Code Young Love Young Romance. Fearing that his son could release enough psionic energy to eliminate all life on Earth, Reed shuts down Franklin's mind. Jonah Jameson John Jameson Edwin Jarvis Rick Jones Ned Leeds Living Tribunal Willie Lumpkin Alicia Masters Jack Susan Storm Foggy Nelson Neptune Harry Osborn Odin Karen Page Peace X Peace Tickets and Mary Parker Höhle Der Löwen Produkte Heute Potts Redwing Franklin Richards Susan Storm Robertson Robbie 365 Days Fortsetzung Betty Ross Shalla-Bal Sif Jasper Sitwell George Stacy Gwen Stacy Supreme Intelligence Franklin Storm T'Chaka Teen Brigade Flash Thompson Tyr Uatu Uncle Ben Wenn Ich Bleibe Streamcloud Watson Mary Jane Watson Wong Wyatt Wingfoot Valkyrior Volla Warriors Three Fandral Hogun Volstagg Yancy Street Gang Ho Yinsen Zabu Zeus. Susan is an excellent swimmer and a capable unarmed combatant, having been trained in judo by Mister Fantastic [43] and received additional coaching from Iron Fist Hätte Hätte, [44] the Thingand She-Hulk. Extratropical after January 8. For other uses, see Invisible Girl disambiguation. Fiji Meteorological Service. It was first noted on December 20,as a weak tropical disturbance located to the north of American Samoa. Who Wants to Be a Superhero? Bei einem riskanten Experiment, Skyline Tag Des Angriffs Fortsetzung dem Reed ihn abzuhalten versuchte, wurde sein Gesicht leicht verletzt. X-MEN 99 COVER ART original cover proof SENTINELS,CYCLOPS, STORM. Schlagworte Fügen Sie Ihre Schlagworte hinzu:.

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Sie Donnerwetter App den bestellten Artikel oder bekommen Ihr Geld zurück. The Invisible Woman ist ein fiktiver Superheld, der in amerikanischen Comics von Marvel Comics erscheint. Die Figur ist Gründungsmitglied der Fantastic Four und war die erste Superheldin, die Marvel während des Silberzeitalters der Comics. Like Invisible Woman, Sue Storm, your primary power deals with light waves, allowing you to render yourself and others invisible! However, she can also project powerful fields of invisible energy which she uses for a variety of offensive and defensive effects! Susan Storm, besser bekannt als Invisible Woman (im deutschen Die Unsichtbare), ist ein Mitglied. "Die Unsichtbare" Susan "Sue" Storm gewinnt ihre erstaunlichen Kräfte, als sie mit ihrem zukünftigen Ehemann Reed Richards, ihrem Bruder Jonny, Ben Grimm​.
Susan Storm Susan Storm is a founding member of the Fantastic Four and later the Future Foundation. She is able to create invisible force fields of any shape she conceives and able to turn herself and. 10/23/ · By Susan Storm October 15, October 3, One thing I struggle with regularly, especially as an INFJ mother, is the tendency to get overstimulated. We INFJs and INTJs live so completely in our heads that outside stimuli, if not pleasant, can be incredibly stressful. A Mulher Invisível, alter-ego de Susan "Sue" Richards, é uma super-heroína de histórias em quadrinhos da editora Marvel foi criada e durante vários anos chamou-se Garota Invisí filme do Quarteto Fantástico de foi interpretada por Jessica Alba e no de , por Kate Mara.. Como namorada e posteriormente esposa de Reed Richards e irmã de Johnny Storm, foi.


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