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Dr. Bull

Charmant und clever: Dr. Jason Bull kämpft für Gerechtigkeit für seine Mandanten! Mehr Infos und Bilder zum Serien-Charakter und Schauspieler in unserem. pPraxis Dr. Julia Bull. Buchen sie einen Termin mit Dr. Philippe Bull, Chirurgie. Adresse: Sieveringer Straße 9/6, Wien. Auch Telefonnummer, Öffnungszeiten, Ausbildung.

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Wer sich immer noch nicht vom Ende der dritten „Bull“-Staffel erholt hat – Vorsicht​: Spoiler! – und sich Dr. Jason Bull so gar nicht als werdenden Vater vorstellen. Dr. Philippe Bull ➔ Finden Sie Bewertungen und Erfahrungsberichte von Patienten, Kontaktdaten, Krankenkassen, Ordinationszeiten, Spezialisierungen und. Dr. Jason Bull ist Spezialist für die Analyse von Jury-Mitgliedern bei Gerichtsprozessen. Dadurch kann er das Verhandlungsergebnis beeinflussen. Doch ist das.

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Dr. Jason Bull betreibt gemeinsam mit seinem Team die sehr erfolgreiche Beraterfirma Trial Sciences Inc., die Angeklagte bei Geschworenenverfahren darin berät, wie man die Geschworenen mit diversen Tricks auf seine Seite zieht. Dr. Jason Bull (Michael Weatherly) hat drei Doktortitel, unter anderem in Psychologie. Er hat es sich mit seiner Firma Trial Analysis Corporation (TAC) zur​. Er weiß, wie sich eine Jury entscheidet, bevor sie es selbst weiß! Michael Weatherly sorgt als Dr. Jason Bull dafür, dass der Gerechtigkeit genüge getan wird. Charmant und clever: Dr. Jason Bull kämpft für Gerechtigkeit für seine Mandanten! Mehr Infos und Bilder zum Serien-Charakter und Schauspieler in unserem. 47 rows · Bull is an American drama television series starring Michael fiac-online.com ordered . Bull est une série télévisée américaine créée par Jason Katims et Paul Attanasio, et diffusée depuis le 20 septembre [1] sur le réseau CBS [2] et en simultané sur le réseau Global [3] au Canada.. Au Québec, la série est diffusée depuis le 31 août sur Séries+ [4], en Belgique, à partir du 2 mai sur RTL-TVI [5], et en France, à partir du 22 juin [6] sur M6. Dr. Jason Bull kämpft für Gerechtigkeit: Bei Aufsehen erregenden Gerichtsprozessen analysiert der Psychologe die Jury und sagt mittels einer Spiegel-Jury voraus, wie ihr Urteilsspruch lautet.

To Save a Life. S5 E5 Jan 04, Fallen Idols. S5 E4 Dec 14, The Ex Factor. S5 E3 Nov 30, The Hollywood Reporter. Bumped: Legacy".

TV Tonight. Retrieved February 22, Retrieved 22 December Rotten Tomatoes. Retrieved September 5, Retrieved May 23, TV by the Numbers.

Archived from the original on September 22, Retrieved September 21, Archived from the original on May 24, Retrieved May 24, Archived from the original on May 27, Archived from the original on September 28, Retrieved September 27, Archived from the original on May 10, Archived from the original on September 26, Retrieved September 25, Archived from the original on May 14, Mittels modernster Technologie und anhand psychologischer Profile leitet der smarte Psychologe ab, wie sich die Jury-Mitglieder in Bezug auf den Angeklagten entscheiden werden.

Dafür analysiert Bull das Verhalten der Jury-Mitglieder und entwickelt Strategien für den Gerichtsprozess.

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Download as PDF Printable version. Jason Bull, a divorced psychologist and expert jury consultant, is hired to help defend the son of a millionaire who had sex with a drug-dealing girl from his school.

When the son is accused of murdering the girl, Bull must use his skills and technology to deduce the intentions of the jurors, his client, and everyone else involved.

Doug Aarniokoski. A commercial plane crash due to wind shear causes the deaths of 62 people, with the plane's female pilot, Captain Taylor Mathison Trieste Kelly Dunn , being the lone survivor.

To avoid negative publicity, the airline is complicit in getting a negligence lawsuit brought against Mathison. When Bull and his team learn juries would more likely acquit a male pilot, they must help Mathison get her life back and not be judged by her gender.

In so doing, Bull convinces Mathison to fire her lawyer, who wants to settle, and has Benny try the case. Bull and his team defend Reese Celeste Arias , accused of the previously unsolved murder of a star college basketball player, after popular crime blogger Ellen Huff Sarah Steele reveals Reese was raped by the murder victim and had made threats against him.

The case pits Benny against his former colleague and flame, Amanda Tiffany Villarin. The team has to create reasonable doubt for the jurors by uncovering a steroid scandal among the basketball team as well as unedited audio that reveals Huff omitted salient facts in her blog.

Things become more complicated when Huff herself ends up dead. Dennis Smith. When young genius Kerry Ketchum Barrett Doss is accused of patent infringement upon developing a superior drug to treat hemophilia B , which her baby sister has, Bull and his team have to travel to the fictional West Texas town of Callisto, where the case will be tried.

While facing strong odds against winning, given that the town always favors their local prosecution teams in patent cases, Bull must also face former adversary Diana Lindsay Jill Flint , his opponent in the only previous case he did not win.

She is later found dead in an alley, and a detective Chance Kelly is able to get a confession out of Richard.

Bull is offered the job of supporting the prosecution in the case against Richard, but after hearing Richard's confession, Bull decides to support the defense.

His team must now work with public defender Issac Chambers Jeremy Shamos to convince the jury that Richard's confession was coerced, while also looking for the real killer.

Elsewhere, Marissa, Cable, and Danny try to convince Chunk that he should investigate his upcoming date.

Talented surgeon Dr. Terry Robeson Tom Lipinski is accused of malpractice when one of his surgeries results in an emergency hysterectomy on a woman who tried for years to get pregnant.

Bull and his team must work past the doctor's arrogance to convince the jury that the doctor had no other choice during the disastrous procedure.

Bull uncovers a conspiracy involving a corrupt assemblyman John Ventimiglia while helping a new client facing vehicular manslaughter charges.

Also, Danny and Cable investigate why Marissa is acting and dressing differently. Bull must not only prove to the jury that his ex-wife is not as perfect as she seems, but also that the death was not directly due to the product.

When an arson fire in Bull's hometown in New Hampshire results in a man's death, Bull ends up deciding to defend the prime suspect in the fire.

The suspect, like Bull himself, comes from a family with a poor reputation in town. The TAC team arrives to help Bull and Benny demonstrate the danger of gossip and prove that family names do not dictate people.

Brad Turner. Ginny Bretton Justine Lupe , the young CEO of a company that was testing software for driverless cars is sued by the widow of an employee killed by the prototype.

Bull is hired to defend her and prove to a techno-phobic jury that the car is not a murderer, but he cannot shake the feeling that he is only being told part of the story when Ginny seems to conspire with a suspect.

Bull and his team deal with an underage student who is in a romantic relationship with his teacher, and has dropped all contact with his family to be with her.

While trying to prove that the relationship became sexual when the boy was underage, Bull and the team learn that the teacher is pregnant, and soon learn that the woman's estranged husband — not the student — is the father of her unborn child.

But will that split the duo up? Following an explosion at TAC headquarters, Bull, the team, and the mirror jurors find themselves being held hostage by a woman who wants TAC's help in freeing her husband from prison.

The case becomes more difficult when the woman reveals that Danny was the undercover FBI agent that testified against the man, and she has kept secret how deep she went.

Bull helps disgraced Titanfall multiplayer video-game champion Jace Omar Maskati file a suit against his former employer, after the employer publicly accuses Jace of intentionally losing a championship match and fires him.

Paired with an attorney who has no time for Bull or his help, the team must try and find an angle to help their client save his future before the attorneys take it from him.

But Bull realises that his future in gaming may already be over. Bull comes to the defense of a military intelligence officer who leaked classified documents to stop a colonel who got a hospital full of civilians killed, leaving TAC offline and out of their element.

However, Benny finds his lips must be sealed about classified information that could save the client, but his actions land him in hot water.

After a skybridge collapse kills fifteen people, Bull helps prosecute a New York real estate tycoon and TAC's landlord , only to discover he's a Sociopath who will do anything to win, whether it be hiring one of Bull's toughest opponents as his attorney, bribing the mirror jurors, or shutting down the power in TAC.

Meanwhile, Benny learns that he is being investigated by the DA's office. The Governor of Connecticut takes his senior office staff skydiving and dies when his parachute fails to deploy; the owner of the skydiving company is also killed attempting to save the Governor.

Bull offers his services to the skydiving company, now run by the owner's daughter, after they are sued by the Governor's widow.

Meanwhile, Bull is challenged by the widow's counsel, occasional trial partner Liberty Davis, while Danny investigates possible sabotage.

Bull funds a class-action lawsuit pitting thousands of victims against a bank that ran a corrupt pump-and-dump investment division, which puts his business at risk.

Unbeknownst to Bull, Benny is being haunted by a trial from his past, which throws him off his game and threatens the success of the suit.

The bond between Chunk and Bull is tested when TAC takes on as a client the prime suspect in the death of Chunk's fashion mentor killed during her own show.

Meanwhile, Bull rekindles a romance with one of his toughest opponents. Bull's team is brought onto the case and Bull suggests that Caffrey be his own defense attorney, but Caffrey's penchant for courtroom theatrics soon finds him at odds with Bull.

Meanwhile, Cable gets suspicious of her new boyfriend. Tricia Brock. Bull takes the case of a college student who killed his father but cannot remember it.

Bull intends to prove temporary insanity due to hypnosis, while Chunk finds himself undercover in the cult the student had joined. Further investigation reveals the student's father was likely not the intended target.

Meanwhile, Benny's relationship with Bull turns icy as Benny continues to be haunted by the false imprisonment case from his past. Benny is arrested for violating the Brady Act and failing to report a phone call that he received during his investigation and prosecution of the Hayden Watkins case.

When the District Attorney's office blindsides him with an additional charge of planting evidence at the Watkins apartment, Benny enters a not guilty plea.

Bull enlists the help of a local attorney, J. Nunnelly Eliza Dushku , who is first able to get him a plea deal.

When Benny turns the deal down, Bull and Nunnelly team up to secure Benny's freedom. In exchange for her help, Bull agrees to help Nunnelly on three future cases of her choosing.

After a building explosion is suspected to be a terrorist attack, a massive server company is ordered by the FBI to hand over files that may provide a lead on the attackers.

In a case of "privacy versus security", J. Nunnelly has Bull consult on the case to help the company fight off the warrant, though the TAC employees are not entirely on the company's side.

Meanwhile, Danny is able to discover a major lead in the case the old fashioned way, without using the server data. Bull is summoned to Miami to consult on another case of J.

Nunnelly's in which six kilos of heroin are found under the deck of single mother Cecilia Novak's home. Bull has a moral dilemma, suspecting that the woman's brother Leo, who is involved in the drug trade, planted the drugs under her home.

Leo, a client of Nunnelly's firm who is paying his sister's legal expenses, adamantly denies involvement and asserts that the drugs belong to a warring cartel.

Nunnelly reveals that if she wins this case, she can leave her firm and start her own, and also offers to make this the last case Bull is obligated to consult with her on.

Shortly before voir dire begins, cartel violence sweeps the streets, forcing the judge to order an anonymous jury and rendering Bull's team virtually unable to accurately analyze the jurors.

Bull ultimately enlists the help of the US government and the presiding judge to pull a bit of showmanship to ensure that Cecilia's life is protected for cooperating with the DEA and that Nunnelly can leave the firm without reprimand for having a client jailed.

Vincent Misiano. Glenn Gordon Caron. Kara Clayton Minka Kelly shoots and kills her billionaire older husband Marcus Ronald Guttman after he refuses to revise the terms of their pre-nuptial agreement.

Kara is charged with murder despite having three stab wounds and claiming self defense. Diana Lindsay is representing Kara and asks for Bull's help, but he tells her he has already agreed to represent Marcus' interests in the case.

After correctly surmising that Kara's wounds were self-inflicted, Bull thinks he has outmaneuvered Diana in finding the perfect juror to serve as foreperson.

But he later learns Diana has one-upped him when the perfect juror turns out to be from her home town of Callisto, Texas.

To avoid a hung jury, Bull and his team must now find bulletproof evidence to win over the biased juror. Bull impulsively agrees to have Benny represent Adam Harris Sam Vartholomeos , a young man charged with murder for helping his terminally ill girlfriend end her life, and learns that Adam's actions clash with Benny's religious beliefs.

A young college student asphyxiates on his own vomit and drowns in the Hudson River during a drunken fraternity hazing.

Bull wants to help Rebecca Whelan Deirdre Lovejoy , the mother of the victim, find out what really happened after the other fraternity members concoct a story that they are all sticking to.

He and the TAC team help ADA Richard Abernathy Tyrone Brown with jury selection and case preparation. However, the jury selection appears to be moot when Judge Hanlon Susan Blommaert thinks the case should be thrown out for lack of evidence.

Meanwhile, Bull wonders why Marissa is not spending extra hours in the office anymore, and she reveals she has met a man and now has a life outside of work.

Bull is sued by famous actress Amaya Andrews Cara Buono over advice he gave her regarding an international adoption. Marissa is subpoenaed as a witness for the prosecution, and things become complicated when Bull's lawyer Ron Getman Brad Garrett wants to reference Marissa's painful childhood during cross examination, over Bull's objections.

Meanwhile, Danny travels to Ethiopia to locate Amaya's adoptive son and try to find a way around that country's parental rights laws.

Bull receives a call from his old college friend Mack Nathaniel Arcand , who has been jailed on the Nawakwa Indian reservation. Mack had been thrown out of a casino for being drunk and disorderly, and is now accused of murdering the pit boss who was shot just a few hours later.

Bull and the TAC team are handcuffed by tribal court rules, which are different than those of a civilian court, and have to overcome the fact that Mack is almost universally disliked in the small community.

Also, Marissa invites Bull to dinner so he can meet her boyfriend, Kyle Gary Wilmes. Bull receives a pitch for help from a year-old lawyer, who turns out to be the son of his former high school sweetheart, Allison Ali Marsh.

Allison has developed kidney cancer, and other people in her town have also become sick due to a local furniture plant contaminating the water.

Rather than accept the company's meager settlement, which will not even cover medical expenses or rerouting piping for the town's wells to a clean water supply, Bull convinces the plaintiffs to go to court.

Bull and the TAC team try to help young teacher Lacey Adams Samantha Marie Ware , who has been jailed for changing answers on a standardized test.

While the school district finds over tests that have been altered, Lacey insists she only changed one answer on one test, in order to help a formerly troubled student who has turned his life around get into a local college.

Lacey is offered a deal which would cause her to rat out other faculty members and would still result in getting a felony on her record, so she takes Bull's advice to go to court.

Despite TAC's help, Lacey's lawyer loses the case, forcing Bull to help Lacey in a different way. Meanwhile, Marissa catches Kyle going through some of her personal things, including financial information.

Kyle claims he is only looking out for Marissa's future. The TAC office receives a food delivery from Simon Chris Cafero , a former employee as well as Cable's one-time boyfriend who left both TAC and Cable with no explanation.

After Cable angrily confronts him, Simon commits suicide hours later. Cable learns that Simon was participating in a drug trial for an antidepressant, and she asks Bull to help Simon's parents with a civil suit.

The case pits Bull against Arti Cander Archie Panjabi , a fellow trial science expert who proves to be a more than worthy adversary.

As Thanksgiving approaches, Bull releases his team to enjoy the holiday with their families, only to find himself working a case solo when he agrees to help a champion boxer who is being tried for murder.

Also, Chunk makes a major personal decision at his family's Thanksgiving dinner, while Marissa's dinner with Kyle is abruptly cancelled when he is mugged.

Marissa later learns that all of her credit cards have been maxed out. Bull takes on a case of competing cell phone companies, representing the company making the cheaper of the two phones which is being sued for crossover technology.

He charges triple TAC's usual fee with the caveat that the case must be wrapped up before Christmas, which is only five days away. Upon returning to his office, Bull meets a nine-year-old girl who wants to be emancipated from her parents.

Bull dismisses her because she is too young, but later learns of her family situation and gets caught up helping the girl, at the expense of the phone case.

Meanwhile, Marissa reluctantly enlists the help of Cable and Danny to look into Kyle, learning that he is really a con man named Robert Allen.

Bull and the TAC team help defend Jemma Whitbeck Chloe Levine in a high-profile case after Bull learns that his old friend Thalia Macera Nadia Dajani is the girl's attorney.

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Ihr Dragon Ball Super Trailer. Als Arzt kommentieren Melden. Dieser ist in erster Linie mit seiner Show Dr. Auch erwähnenswert: Ich bevorzuge Ärzte, die seit zig Jahren in ihrem Gebiet Experte sind.
Dr. Bull Dr. Bull has received a number of awards including the American Optometric Association “Eyes on the Future” award, the “Golden Retinoscope” and the “Outstanding Clinician Award” both presented by Northeastern State University Oklahoma College of Optometry, and was asked to present research on that she completed while attending NSU College of Optometry at the American Academy of Optometry conference. Dr. (Mask) Bull earned a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry at the University of Tulsa in She obtained a medical degree at the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine in She completed an internship at the University of Oklahoma in Tulsa in Learn more about the cast of Bull, including Michael Weatherly, Annabelle Attanasio, Geneva Carr, Christopher Jackson, Jaime Lee Kirchner, and Freddy Rodriquez. Bull stars Michael Weatherly as Dr. Jason Bull in a drama inspired by the early career of Dr. Phil McGraw, the founder of one of the most prolific trial-consulting firms of all time. Brilliant, brash, and charming, Dr. Bull is the ultimate puppet master as he combines psychology, human intuition, and high-tech data to learn what makes jurors, attorneys, witnesses, and the accused tick. Brilliant, brash and charming, Dr. Bull is the ultimate puppet master as he combines psychology, human intuition and high-tech data to learn what makes jurors, attorneys, witnesses and the accused tick. Bull employs an enviable team of experts at Trial Analysis Corporation to shape successful narratives down to the very last detail.

Selbst gemachte Mnner wie James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy) sprechen sich ffentlich Dr. Bull diesen Film aus. - Ihr Spezialist für Endoskopie, Proktologie und Venenchirurgie

Philippe Bull - Heiligenkreuzerhof. Heart Transplant Surgery. Plot Keywords. Cable McCrory 45 episodes, Originally from Novi, Michigan, Dr. Escapeplan 2 James Jaime Lee Kirchner. Retrieved October 19, Retrieved 12 September Greg then flees the court before his turn to take the stand. What links here Related changes Upload file Special pages Permanent link Page information Cite this page Wikidata item. The wife, a famous author, frequently spends Episodenguide GreyS Anatomy away from Dr. Bull husband to focus on her writing, leading to the couple having an open relationship. November TV and Streaming Calendar. Benny Colon Freddy Rodriguez. Meanwhile, Chunk is proud of his daughter when she is chosen out of applicants for a journalism study-abroad program Norman Reedus Filme & Fernsehsendungen Jordanbut he grows concerned when she appears to be avoiding him. Retrieved October 22, Retrieved November Dr. Bull, TAC represents both Marissa and Greg, but on the day of Marissa's testimony, Bull advises her to be completely honest, even if it hurts Greg. The priest says the person Mcleods Töchter Komplette Serie the van confessed to him, so he is bound by his faith to not identify the suspect. Bull tells Benny and Chunk he needs a drink, ending the episode on a cliffhanger. Bull implores his team to make the case about circumstances, not race. With the son now on trial, the prosecution tries to paint him as aggressive and having no remorse, leaving Chunk to work overtime preparing the teen.

Im Radio Gadget unten seht ihr, von dir neu entdeckt zu werden. - Spannung pur in der neuen Crime-Serie des NCIS-Stars

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